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                Anhui Honglu Steel Construction (Group) Co.,Ltd was located in Hefei Shuangfeng Industrial of Anhui Province and founded in 2002, in 2011 became listed company, stock number:002541.Honglu owns the large scale assembled steel structure buildings and intelligent parking equipment development manufacture base in Hefei, Wuhan, Jinzhai, Chongqing and Guoyang,etc. Total area has reached over two hundred million squares meters, over two million and four hundred thousand tons for steel structure, twenty million square meters for manufacturing all kinds of boards, Honglu is one of the largest steel structure enterprises in China.

               Honglu company mainly undertake products as below: steel structure and other auxiliary products, steel structure industry building, new-type material products selling, assembly high-rise steel structure residence, foreign customize house, industrial estate investment and construction, green-products of steel structure estate development and our products selling to over 37 countries and regions around the world.

               Steel structure technical team of the Honglu company, has expedite innovation –driven, transformation and upgrading, with nearly 300 patents in prefabricated buildings, equipment, steel structure manufacturing and other fields and the company has strong technology research & development and equipment manufacturing capacity.

            Integrated assembly technology of high-level steel structure, Access technology of high-end intelligent garage, Assembly type of low-level residential integration technology, this Three Technology System is in the leading position of China. Honglu owned Housing Construction General Contracting Level One Qualification, Special Steel Structure Installation Grade I, Special Grade of Steel Structure Manufacturing, Contract Project Business Certificate by the Ministry of Commerce. Honglu has obtain National Housing Industrialization Base, Enterprise Technology Center Recognized Detection Center, The Chinese Well-Known Trademark, National High and New Technology Enterprise Detection, Steel Structure Manufacturing Enterprise Integrated Grade, Anhui Industry Technology Center, Anhui Construction Industrialization Base, Anhui Two Integration Enterprised and other Honors. Honglu will make efforts for green building and smart city development with our strong scientific and technological research and development.

              Since company established , we devoted to change and innovate the management, improve the competitiveness of the production speed , efficiency and cost controlling, Carry forward the outstanding engineering, advocacy First-rate principle, optimize each process of  development  /manufacturing  /marketing /construction and servicing. Furthermore, through establish study-organization, perfect management system and improve operation quality to constantly create the strong brand of steel structure.

             The development vision of Honglu Steel Structure: to become the close partners of worldwide steel structure projects' constructure parties ,contractors and  manufacturers , providing partners with fast-delivery and low-price all kinds of qualified steel products.